Date is To Be Determined | On the Trails in Overland Park

Bicycles and Band-Aids (postponed)

We will postpone the inaugural ride of B&B to wait for a more sunny and warm day. Thank You all for your support!! A very specialized and unique camp opportunity. Let's ride, let's learn, let's play. A bicycle engineering camp for kids. Check out the link for more information.
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Bicycles and Band-Aids (postponed)

Time & Location

Date is To Be Determined
On the Trails in Overland Park

About The Event

Postponed for warmer weather. Please contact me if you are interested in attending this unique camp.

We will be biking parts of Indian Creek and Tomahawk Creek Trails through Overland Park. We will begin at one park, stop at other parks along the way for snacks and kickball, and finish at a restaurant for lunch. This ride is very unique and is a small group camp. We need a minimum of four riders for the journey and will only take a maximum of 8. There are two experienced adults riding along. This camp will teach bike safety, bike maintenance, the engineering of gears and the gear ratios, fixing chains, flats, and discussing pretty much anything else bike related you could need. Running this camp is Dustin McEntarfer and Tyler Whetstone. Tyler is a mechanical engineer and also operates Proper Engineering Bicycle Garage. It's basically a bicycle engineering company....It is a bicycle engineering company. More details will follow but the age range is 10 and up. This is not a camp for beginner bikers. We will be riding for 2-3 hours with plenty of stops. This will not be grueling but strong riders are preferred as we will be covering some ground. This will be fun, engaging and a great learning opportunity. You will need to drop off your student, bike, helmet, snacks, and water bottle at our pre-determined park and pick up at our lunch spot by 1pm. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you. Dustin

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