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US Map Challenge

I absolutely LOVE geography. I also believe that geography is the base for learning anything associated with history. This particular challenge begins with the US. Once we conquer all 50 states we'll move on to the rest of the world. I said it before, it is so important all of us, not only our kids, to understand world geography.


Download the map below and have your student fill out the map with the states as best as they can. Lots of mistakes are to be expected on the first try. Take 5-10 minutes a day learning new states and understanding where they go on the map. Each week, download and print a new map and have them fill it out again. Do this each week until they can rock all 50 states. Please post a picture of their first map and their final map. I think they will love seeing their progression and be proud of their accomplishment. In a couple of weeks I will post another World Map Challenge.

Use this online map game to practice learning the states. It's really fun!!

Another really fun and interactive Map Learning Tool is Google Tour Builder.

Check out the website and see all the fun things you can do with it. My kids are creating a fun roadtrip (while learning some new states....after bombing (haha) their first attempt at the above map challenge). If they did the challenge again (one hour later) they'd already double their previous score for locating states. #learningisFun

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