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I value the after-school programs more than any other program I do.  These programs are designed with the everyday student in mind and will engage the most students.  Having a program on-site at the school, with familiar teachers, in a familiar space, will increase the chance of more students enrolling and engaging with STEM.  It allows for a convenient time and well as collaborating with their friends and peers.  Programs start at a beginner level and advance from there.  We teach the hardware and software of the robots and begin coding from week one.  We use the industry leading Lego Mindstorms EV3's and Dash and Dot robots.













Many schools already have wonderful STEM stations and programs within their classes and library time.  This program really concentrates on taking each kid through the journey of these particular robots.  Each lesson is progressive and with the week to week consistency, you really can see the advancements in the student's knowledge and confidence.


All programs donate 10% back to the PTO and 10% to "in-need" schools within Kansas City.  This is a great fundraising opportunity for your school and a great way to give back to the local STEM community. 


I'm currently arranging for programs beginning in January 2018.  Please contact me today for more information or to set up a program at your school.

4th and 5th Grade Lego Mindstorms EV3

2nd and 3rd Grade Dash and Dot

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