Frequently asked questions

What is the teacher/student ratio?

This depends on the type of class/camp. A typical STEM Exposure class/camp is around 10:1.

Who are the instructors?

The lead operator for every camp is Dustin McEntarfer. Dustin is a substitute teacher in Blue Valley and has been helping operate student camps for 15 years and worked in the engineering industry for 14 years. All other camp instructors are Professional Teachers, Industry Engineers, and/or Students from local robotics/engineering programs who love mentoring younger students.

Is this company a franchise?

No it is not!! This company is about as local KC as you can get. The mission is to inspire as many students in STEM and Technical curriculum as possible. Even if they don't choose that career it's essential they are aware and have an understanding for the world of STEM they are growing up in.

What makes this different from other STEM camps?

Well, that's difficult to answer. My first response is to experience it to find out but my second response would be this: We value every level of learner. STEM is for everyone!! We are personal, we are flexible, we work hard and play hard. Our camps are collaborative and inviting. AND....we sure do have a lot of fun!! Bonus Answer: I'm friends with other camp groups and KC has so many great opportunities for our students. I'm more concerned about the fact that, as a parent, you are getting your kids involved in these types of camps regardless of where they are.

What do I need to bring to camp?

Most camps will require you to bring a water bottle, morning and afternoon snack, and a lunch. But most importantly, please bring a positive attitude. Details for every specific camp will be emailed out but that's kind of the standard for every camp.

What if I get my hand caught in a 3D Printer?

I would say, let's do that again but first lemme grab the video camera. Please do not get your hand caught in a 3D printer. That has never happened and hopefully that will never happen.

Where are you located?

Unless otherwise noted, all indoor STEM camps are hosted at Village Presbyterian Church on Antioch. 148th and Antioch in Overland Park, KS. All outdoor STEM camps are hosted at the Blue River Forest Experience located close to 174th and Antioch in OP, KS.

What are the age ranges?

The age range will vary for the different camps but they are geared mainly for 2nd - 6th grade. Please read the description of each camp for specific ages.