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Khan Academy

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This is the first post I'm creating to support the user guide. The Khan Academy assignment is the most straight forward and easy to follow lesson in the entire guide. This is all on your own....I only lead you here to not only use this site for Math but for any other subject you have the time for. KA is simply the best and I've been using them for years and years.


That's what I put as a suggestion but it's only a starting point. 20 minutes is fantastic if you stay consistent. If you're doing the homeschool thing to replace your typical school day then you're going to have many other subjects to continue to work on. DO NOT SKIMP ON MATH!!

This sentence is a quick update after two weeks of home school with my kiddos. What I have found useful and have implemented is instead of 20 minutes I have them complete 2% on their Khan Academy grade-level work. Some days it takes longer than others but it's been very helpful in setting out the expectations and they enjoy reaching the goal.

Use Khan Academy, create an account, find your grade level and get to work. As Patrick Mahomes said to Tyreek Hill two minutes before converting on 3 and 15 in the super bowl "You Be Workin."

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