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STEM vs Wild - Indentification

OK, so my kids and I have already done this because we couldn't wait to get started. It's really fun and very surprising how much we got into it and learned on just a quick (not so quick) walk around the block.

Quick Background - STEM vs Wild is the idea that STEM is everywhere. It's all around us at all times. This specific idea helps us focus on the natural world and the environment and how STEM interacts and converges into that world. It's not a competition between STEM and the Wild but rather a partnership and how they can work together....and have worked together forever. From the first-ever tools that were made for hunting and farming to creating shelters out of sticks and mud. Fast forward to how we see and capture our natural world with satellite imagery, drones, and advanced telephoto lenses. We record and predict weather patterns and storms. I could go on forever on this topic. But now it's your turn.

Exercise #1 - Write or type six ideas on how STEM is used in our natural world.