APRIL 2020 Student Curriculum Guide

THANK YOU so much for coming here to take this STEM journey with all of us during this unprecedented time.  I hope you will find this guide extremely helpful in navigating through the tricky waters of homeschool education.  This guide is meant to be a supplement to what our districts and teachers are assigning students at this time.  Please use as much or as little of the information that is provided here.  The content here and content to be added are some of my tried and true lessons over the years.  I will also be continually updating with new and exciting ideas, websites, tutorials, and more.  

HOW TO USE THE GUIDE - I will be updating this page as often as possible with links, videos, activities, and more that correspond with the included downloadable document.  The curriculum will be broken down on a week to week basis STARTING APRIL 1st but you can start whenever it is convenient for you.  Some assignments will build upon themselves from week to week and some lessons will be standalone.  Some lessons will be simply the suggested discipline and you can choose what to do on your own.  Parents and students are more than welcome to jump around and use whatever they want whenever they want.  There is no wrong way to use this information.  The downloadable PDF will be a printable version of what is on the webpage to use as a quick reference at home.  The webpage, however, I do hope to populate as quickly as possible with more information to support the STEM guide.  The 'Support Now' button is a way for me to supplement my current work shortage but is in no way required in order for you to enjoy the full advantage of this resource.  I am happy to do this and hope you will share it with everyone you know that would find value in something like this.  I am having a lot of fun creating this information as my time permits.

I will be updating these pages as often as I can with STEM content and curriculum that correspond as closely as possible to the guide.  Please read the posts below for more details, information, inspiration, and general whateverness I may be discussing.  Make sure to sign up for all future content releases and updates.

Please post all student work on the facebook page.  That seems to be the best and easiest space to share, communicate, and inspire other students and parents.  

Thank you so much for your support.  Dustin

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