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3D Design 2 - Tinkercad Designs

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Whether you are new to Tinkercad and 3D modeling or have been using it for a long time, I'm really excited you're here and working on your skills. There are a million things to learn and the benefits of using software like this will be super beneficial for advancing further in graphic design, CAD design, engineering, and so much more.

If you went through the tutorials from week 1 and have a fairly firm grasp on how Tinkercad works and how all the tools operate, you're ready to have some fun designing and building your own ideas.

Exercise #1 - Recreate any chair you see sitting around the room you are in. Try to be as detailed as possible. TIP - once you create one leg or spindle....duplicate duplicate duplicate!! The duplicate and the undo button are a couple of your best friends in Tinkercad.

Exercise #2 - Build a Spaceship

There is no wrong way to build a spaceship. This is building whatever your mind can imagine up and your Tinkercad skills will allow. Have fun with it and work hard. This exercise should take you more 5-10 minutes or you're really not putting much effort into it.

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