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3D Design - Blender - The Intro

Remember in my original blog post where I said I would outsource certain material?? Well, here we go!! I yield to BlenderGuru with 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. #worksmarter

Alert - This is for beginners but is very advanced software

The main reason I have chosen Blender is because it's Free. My goal is to suggest free software for students to learn from because that's obviously the most accessible. Blender is also extremely capable and very advanced software that professionals use daily.

Here is what Blender can do for you

The BlenderGuru has a tutorial series he's been doing for years and is quite famous for. The Donut Tutorial. He recently released an updated version to coincide with the latest Blender version 2.8. It is a tutorial for absolute Blender beginners. It does require patience and a lot of work but is the perfect place to begin if you are serious about learning this program.

Blender IS NOT a learn by playing program!!

Certain programs like Tinkercad and Paint3d are fun and can easily just jump right in and start building things even if you have no idea what you're doing. If you try that with a program like Blender, I promise you will get so frustrated you will quit the program and never look back. It's very sophisticated with hundreds of buttons, menus, and tools. Start simple, work hard!!

This is a 24 part tutorial. Yes....24 parts to create a donut!! Looks Yummy, though, right?!

You can download Blender here

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