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Coding 2 - Scratch

This next video kind of reinforces what I love to teach to anyone who will listen....

"We need to inspire our kids to be creators of digital media rather than consumers of digital media."

Here is another program most kids are familiar with and have probably used at one point or another. If not, I encourage you to jump in and start creating fun games using code. The Tutorial section is a perfect place to start. If you have used scratch before, try some more advanced code blocks and learn new things. Challenge yourself!!

When using the STEM Curriculum Guide the most important thing with all of the activities is to remain consistent on the work. Doing coding just one day a week will not help reinforce all of the information the student learned that day.

Scratch is not the only coding platform you could use.

The important thing to remember as the parent implementing the curriculum is to simply introduce coding as the subject and then find something of interest that is not only fun to use but teaches solid and fundamental coding principles. Scratch is great because it's free with great content.

We will move on to text based coding languages in coming weeks.

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