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Coding 3 - Create Music with Code

So I found this program last year, Sonic Pi, and while I'm not any good at it but keep trying I wanted to share it with you. I think it's really cool because I love music and most everyone does. This is simply another way for you to get excited about coding while producing fun, interesting, annoying for your parents, worthwhile content. HINT - Parents, Invest in Headphones!! Why do I say worthwhile?? Well, while you're inside the program whether following the tutorials or just messing around you'll be learning all about text-based's structure, it's placement, it's values. Plus, with music, there are a ton of math concepts at play and that's exactly what you'll be editing to make the music happen. Think rate, pitch, frequency. It's all math and quite mind-bending....see way below for more of the math info.

Sonic Pi Website