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Makerspace 2 - DestructorSpace

This is a ton of fun but please get your parent's permission before taking apart the front room television. That's a joke, please do not take apart anything of value or is still useful. The ideal component would be an old VCR, computer, cell phone, old camera, old monitor....even if it's as simple as an old television's really interesting to study the components on the inside and you can learn a lot about the engineering.

When I say DestructorSpace I really don't mean to destroy anything but rather systematically and carefully dismantle an old electronic component. Find a safe space (maybe spread out a blanket) to work and find some different sized screwdrivers.

STEP 1 - Find an old component with parents permission

STEP 2 - Gather your tools

STEP 3 - Put on safety glasses if you have first!!

STEP 4 - Make sure it's Unplugged!! Dismantle and Examine

STEP 5 - Research and Study. Ask Questions - What is this thing, what does this do?

STEP 6 - Post some pics of your hard work

Bonus Step - Try to put it back together ;0)

Tools Needed

- Old Electronics

- Screwdrivers

- Curiosity


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