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Digital Media 3 - Create a Flyer

We are going to be using a program called Like everything, you can pay for additional features but I've been using this to create printed and online material for about 4 years and with just the free version. It's pretty fun and fairly easy to use. See my examples below and let's get started.

Exercise #1 - Create your account and begin your first project. I say create a fun flyer for an event. You can make up the event or advertise a real one. Do you play an instrument and have a front room recital coming up for your family? Make some flyers, print them out and post them around the house to let everyone know of the time and place of the recital. Are you having a party? Make sure everyone knows where to be and what they can bring. Have fun with it!!

Canva is a great way to spice up your Social Media posts or just have some fun. This assignment falls into the Digital Media category because it helps us with our graphic design skills, photography, spatial awareness, color design, storytelling, and more.

Exercise #2 - Now that you're getting the hang of Canva, play around with all the templates and create something else that looks like fun and of interest. I recommend turning one of your school assignments into an Infographic. See examples here. Do you have a writing assignment on the Revolutionary my 5th grader does? Turn it into an infographic timeline. Do you love sports? Check out the Infographic below.

Bottom Line!! Have fun, challenge yourself, be creative, learn something new.

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