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3D Design - Tinkercad

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Tinkercad is one of my absolute favorite subjects to teach my students. There are a lot of great 3D Design programs but I really find Tinkercad to be a great entry level product with some sophisticated options (without getting too confusing). Tinkercad is especially good at designing 3d models for 3d printing. We'll discuss more about that in future posts.

A Dash Robot I recreated a couple months ago
Dash Robot

Like I said in some previous posts....I will not recreate the wheel when I don't have to. Though, if I'm being honest, through this entire month or two and with how much fun I'm having creating these posts and the videos I'm working on....I'll recreate the wheel a few times because it's fun for me. Plus I learn more that way.

Tinkercad has a million online lessons already created. I will add my own ideas and tips in the next couple of weeks but to get you all started, please just simply create your free online account and get to work.

They have great beginner tutorials built right into the platform. Click on the 'LEARN' button once you're logged in.

After you click on Learn you can do dozens of beginner tutorials either in the Starter section or the Lessons section or in the Projects section.

I know a lot of you reading this have been using Tinkercad for a long time. Well, for you, it's time to take it to the next level. Try to create models you've never tried before. Go through the software and click on every tool to see what it does. I bet none of you have used the Ruler before.

We have our own design challenge I'm launching at the end of the month so it'll be great to brush up on your skills.

Remember to work STEM into your every day homeschool curriculum. I put out the STEM Curriculum Guide so choose a couple of paths and stick to them. Have some fun and learn some amazing things during this time.

As always, please share your designs and leave comments or ask me questions at anytime.

Happy Creating!! Dustin

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