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Daily Tech Tip

This is something I came across the other day when working on a new project. While being stuck at home I'm understanding that I've used the excuse of having no time to keep me from working or starting a multitude of my project ideas whether it's professional or personal. Anywho....I starting working on an app I've been wanting to create for about 6 years. More to come on the app in another post. I'm using a third party web app for creation and google sheets to create my datasheets. When I went to link my datasheet to the programming app it said (and I wish I had taken a screenshot but this was last week and I wasn't thinking about blogging about it) it literally said something to the point of "you are giving permission for this site to have complete access to all your google files, contacts, information....with the ability to read, edit, change, store, and use all of the information. You may have sensitive information in these files, do you want to allow access?" WOW....I said. I was excited about doing this app but that was a little too direct and super scary. I use Google docs for a lot of stuff.

SOOOOOO Here's what I did and I'm recommending you all do the same.

I created a new gmail account simply to use during this time while we are all at home downloading, using, signing up for, giving access to all kinds of new websites and companies. I have zero info associated with this email so I went back to the app and agreed to the permission. They're not getting any info from that account and I won't be populating it with all of my projects. Just simply some data for the app which is public anyway.

So my tech tip of the day is to create a new email during this time to use when signing up for all of these new programs.

PS. Don't forget you did because I already missed a webinar I had signed up for because I forgot I signed up under that new email and couldn't find the registration information....I searched my other accounts forever. I was pretty funny and the webinar was recorded for later viewing so that was cool. It was all about drones and the drone industry. I'm looking to get drone certified in 2020. That's one of my apocalyptic goals.

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