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Makerspace 3 - Zipline

So it's really fun to break things. It's also fun to experiment....and it's always cool to learn new things. Why not do that all at the same time?! In this science experiment we are going to build a zipline in our backyard. Or front room!! We've built this same zipline in our front room before and it's great for delivering snacks from the kitchen to the couch. But for this experiment, we want to reach maximum velocity so we are using the backyard. Plus it's really nice out.

Odd Fact: Bedroom and Bathroom are all one word but Front room and/or Living room are two!!

Here is our video. There is a lot of fun going on with some science sprinkled in. I hope you all have time to build one and test out different variables. I'll post more of the science below.

To build your own zipline, here is what you'll need: String, Pulley or Carabiner, toys, a notebook, a high end, a low end, and I would say at least 30 feet of distance. Certainly a video camera. To be more scientific for optimal measuring it would be nice to have a metric mass set or small measurable weights of some kind (MASS), a stop watch (TIME), a protractor (ANGLE)....for this experiment let's keep the distance constant.