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Photo Editing 1

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

So here is a quick and simple tutorial on how to cut out an area of one photo and paste it on another. Just hit play on the short video below and create along with it. This trick has been done for years and some will know how to do this and some won't.

This is a free, web-based program It's actually pronounced in the vegetable but I hate vegetables so in the video you'll here me pronounce it Photo-pia. Funny story, the creator actually wanted the domain photopia but it was taken by the time he went to buy it.

HERE'S THE DEAL - Challenge Yourself

Yes, I'm talking to you Mr. "this is easy, I already know how to do this." My students have heard me preach this a million times. If you already know how to do something....then take it to the next level....if you already know the next level....then take it to the level after that....and so on. The only one holding you back from advancing is yourself. Not the teacher, not the tutorial, it's you.

Go through those menus, click on different tools, bring up a youtube video tutorial and keep learning. The important thing is that you use the time you have allocated to this lesson to learn. So learn!! Here you go fancy users....

FYI - We will have more Photo Editing Work in future weeks.

One thing I ran out of time to mention in the video is exporting. It's pretty cut and dry. Go to File, Export As ....PNG or JPG will most likely be what file type you want.

I hope you enjoy this. Once you get into the world of photo editing, graphic design, motion could spend your entire life there. But if you haven't done it before....that journey begins right putting an elephant nose on your brother.

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