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Start Something New

Today is April 1st, the beginning of a new month and pretty unbelievable how after everything that has gone's only April 1st. We have AT LEAST a full month more of locking in and with today being the first day of a new month, and nowhere to go....we have at least a full month to start something new and keep it scheduled and on task. Though from what I'm seeing and hearing, we are looking at closer to all of April and May.

Even with working from home, and home schooling our kids....there are still no dinners out, going to the movies, soccer practices, baseball practices, happy hours, ANYTHING!! Which means, we have time for something new. We just do. And I don't know about you....but I need some silver lining in all of this. I already do because I get to spend so much time with my kiddos which is freaking awesome but I also need to grow personally and professionally with this time.


It's time to start new habits and stick to them....time is not an excuse.

I completely wish you all the best on trying new things or starting something you've always wanted to start but never had the time. START SIMPLE - START SMALL 20 minutes a day doing anything. But do it every day....or every other day. If you start now, that's 15-30 repetitions of whatever you want to do. 30 new phrases of Spanish, 30 sets of 20 pushups, 30 paragraphs in that book you've always wanted to start writing. The most difficult task is starting. Just START!!

I am writing up a challenge for the two soccer teams I associate with to begin the 30 days juggling challenge. Increase their soccer juggling one per day. It'll be tough but it'll awesome!! If you start something new, I hope you'll share it as you start and especially one month from now....or sooner as you're improving. All the best on your accomplishments. You can do it!!

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